Statement of Purpose

An organization of National Parliaments and Provincial / State / Territorial Legislatures of member countries of the Commonwealth on the continent of Africa who irrespective of gender, race, religion are committed to:

  • Respect for Human Rights and Freedom and the pursuit of the ideals of Democracy and good governance;
  • Building understanding and unity between countries of the Region and the Continent; and
  • Promoting the interest / perspective of Africa into the Commonwealth and Beyond.


Regional Bodies

Article 14 of CPA Africa Region Constitution establishes the following bodies with their respective Sub-Committees:

(a) Annual Regional Conference;

(b) Annual General Meeting; and

(c) Executive Committee with the following sub-committees:

(i) Coordinating Committee;

(ii) Regional Representative Sub-Committee;

(iii) Program Planning and Finance Sub-Committee; and

(iv) Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Steering Committee

Regional Organs

The following Regional Organs are hereby established by Article 15 of the CPA Africa Region Constitution:

(a) Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference;

(b) Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians;

(c) Society of Clerks-at-the-Table; and

(d) Regional Secretariat