The activities of the Region are stipulated in Article 6 of the CPA Africa Region Constitution as follows:

      1. To hold an Annual Regional Conference, as far as is practicable, at least once a year in a place the General Meeting shall determine;
      2. Arrange for meetings, seminars, conferences, sports and cultural events at both regional and inter-regional levels;
      3. Facilitate study tours and exchange visits among parliamentarians in Member countries;
      4. Publish journals, newsletters, pamphlets and reports on various issues and activities relevant to the aims and objectives of the Region:- Provided that the Regional Secretariat shall maintain and disseminate the published information to the CPA Secretariat and other Regional Secretariats and branches of the Region;
      5. raise funds for the implementation of the projects that are in line with the aims and objectives of the Region; and
      6. Invite, at its discretion and on such conditions as it may decide, other organisations or persons to address it.