Executive Committee

The Constitution of the CPA Africa Regions vests in the Executive Committee, the control and management of the activities and business of the Association.

This Committee now consists of 43 Members, comprising the Officers of the Association, the Steering Committee of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians and Regional Representatives from each Sub-Region. Ordinarily the Committee meets just prior to the Annual General Meeting, to which it reports, and holds a second meeting in another branch or at the secretariat HQ's midway between Annual General Meetings

Members of the Commitee
Sn Photo Full Name Designation Nation
1 Photo Rt. Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu President Photo
2 Photo Vice President Vacant Photo
3 Photo Rt. Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara Chairperson Photo
4 Photo Hon. Lukas Sinimbo Vice Chairperson Photo
5 Photo Hon. Nthombi Mekgwe Treasurer Photo
6 Photo Hon. Tumisang Mangwegape - Healy Vice Treasurer Photo
7 Photo Hon. Dr. Zainab Gimba CWP Chairperson Photo
8 Photo Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu Senior Regional Representative Photo
9 Photo Ms. Nenelwa Mwihambi, ndc Regional Secretary Photo