Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Steering Committee

The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarian Steering Committee is composed of CPA Africa Sub-Regional women representatives from East, West,Central and Southern Africa.

The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Africa Region is the network of women Members of CPA legislatures.

The CWP network provides a means of:

  • Building the capacity of women elected to parliament to be more effective in their roles;
  • Improving the awareness and ability of all parliamentarians, male and female, and encouraging them to include a gender perspective in all aspects of their role - legislation, oversight and representation;
  • Helping parliaments to become gender-sensitive institutions

Members of the Commitee
Sn Photo Full Name Designation Nation
1 Photo Hon. Madina Ndangiza Chairperson Photo
2 Photo Hon. Talita Monnakgotla Vice Chairperson Photo
3 Photo Hon. Dr. Beatrice Adagala Rep. East Africa Photo
4 Photo Hon. Emeldah Munashabantu Rep. Central Africa Photo
5 Photo Vacant Rep. West Africa Photo
6 Photo Vacant Rep. Southern Africa Photo