Posted On: May, 25 2024


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The professional Development Seminar of the Society of Clerks-At-The-Table (SoCATT) Africa Region entered its the second and last day with participants being implored upon to embrace AI in their Parliament. The seminar being held at the East Africa Community Headquarter in Arusha City, today 22nd May, 2024.

Also discussed, among other subjects progress and development of the Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments as an emerging matter, Embracing evaluation as an integral aspect for refinement of post-election induction and orientations and the place of Omnibus Bills in Law-Making: Definition; Comparative Jurisdictions; Arguments for and against; Court Decisions, if any limiting the use of Omnibus Bill; Merits and Demerits.

The participants further shared their experiences in their respective parliaments with most calling on for further collaboration in the areas discussed.