Rt. Hon.  Catherine Gotani Hara

Chairman of the CPA Africa Region, Executive Committee

Rt. Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara

Right Hon Catherine Gotani Hara, MP was elected Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly in 2019.

Rt Hon Hara has over 15 years of political experience as she joined politics way back in 2003.She rose into active politics when she was elected a Member of Parliament for Mzimba North East in the year 2009.

Rt Hon Hara has served the country in the highest political portfolios as well. Rt Hon Hara served as Minister of Health, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Deputy Minister of Gender and Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works.

Rt Hon Hara is still a Member of Parliament for Mzimba North East Constituency, a constituency she has served for over 10 years and she is the current Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly.

Rt Hon Hara is currently the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Africa Region a position she will hold from 2022 to 2025.

Prior to joining politics, she worked with the Department of International Development (DFiD) as a Programme Officer responsible for the sustainable livelihoods programme of Malawi and Mozambique projects.She was the first Malawian to rise to the position of Programme Officer with the DFiD.

A graduate of the meritous Kamuzu Academy Grammar School, Rt Hon Hara proceeded to study Political Science at the University of Malawi -Chancellor College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree. Rt Hon Hara received her professional training in International Development and Project Planning at the University of Brighton in the UK.

Born in Malawi on 29th April 1974, Rt Hon Hara is married with one child.