Category : Sub National Branch
Nation : Nigeria

Seat of Parliament: Yola - Nigeria

Population: 3,737,223

Constitution: State

Date of Independence: 27 Aug 1991

CPA Branch Formed: 01 Jan 2000

Voting Age: 18

Adamawa is one of the largest states and occupies about 36,917 square kilometres. It is bordered by the states of Borno to the northwest, Gombe to the west and Taraba to the southwest. Its eastern border also forms the national eastern border with Cameroon. Topographically, it is a mountainous land crossed by the large river valleys - Benue, Gongola and Yedsarem. The valleys of Cameroon, Mandara and Adamawa mountains form part of the landscape. The major occupation of the people is farming as reflected in their two notable vegetational zones, tile Sub-Sudan and Northern Guinea Savannah Zone. Their cash crops are cotton and groundnuts while food crops include maize, yam, cassava, guinea corn, millet and rice. The village communities living on the banks of the rivers engage in fishing while the Fulanis are cattle rearers. The state has network of roads linking all parts of the country. The development of many communities in the State can be traced to the colonial era when the Germans ruled the Ganye area in the 19th century. These were however forfeited to the British at the end of the scramble for Africa at the Berlin. A visit to the state will not be complete without going to Mubi. Mubi's weather is very accommodating for human comfort. A visit to Nuhu Auwalu Wakili's Palace will keep your memory of the state at all times. No wonder the state is some time known as "the land of beauty".