Category : National Branch

Seat of Parliament: Gaborone

Population: 2,065,398

Constitution: Republic

Date of Independence: 30 Sep 1966

CPA Branch Formed: 01 Jan 1967

Voting Age: 18

Branch Profile:

Current constitution: September 1966, when Botswana became independent as a republic within the Commonwealth; with subsequent revisions. Political makeup of government: The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) retained its majority in the National Assembly in the 2009 legislative elections, and also retained the presidency (elected by parliament). The Botswana Democratic Party won 45 of 57 seats in Parliament. The elections were contested by six political parties and 15 independent candidates. The legislature is unicameral. The sole chamber, the National Assembly, has 57 members, directly elected for a five-year term. There are also a variable number of members, currently four, nominated by the president from both the majority party and the opposition, and elected by the parliament itself. A 15-member House of Chiefs (Ntlo ya Dikgosi) acts as an advisory body on tribal matters and on alterations to the constitution. President Ian Khama named a reshuffled cabinet after his inauguration on 22 October 2009. The minister of trade and industry resigned on 1 February 2010, due to ill health, and was replaced by his assistant minister. The minister for defence, justice and security resigned on 31 August after allegations of corruption. He was replaced on an acting basis by the minister for presidential affairs and public administration, who was herself replaced on 28 January 2011. The assistant minister of finance and development planning resigned on 12 January 2011. The minister for mines and energy was appointed acting vice president on 2 February 2011, in the absence through illness of the substantive vice president. Changes were made among the assistant ministers on 20 May 2011. Principal parties include the Botswana Congress Party?Botswana Alliance Movement (BCP?BAM); Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and the Botswana National Front (BNF). Several items of information sourced from,