Seat of Parliament: Windhoek

Population: 2,147,585

Constitution: Republic

Date of Independence: 21 Mar 1990

CPA Branch Formed: 08 Aug 1990

Voting Age: 18

Branch Profile:

Current constitution: March 1990, when Namibia finally became independent after a lengthy armed struggle against the South African presence. A UN-sponsored independence plan had been put into place in December 1988. The UN had formally terminated in 1966 the original League of Nations mandate under which South Africa had been entrusted with the administration of the territory. Legislature: The legislature, the Parliament, is bicameral. The lower chamber, the National Assembly, has 72 members, directly elected for a five-year term. Six additional nonvoting members may be appointed by the president. The upper chamber, the National Council, has 26 members, indirectly elected by the Regional Councils from among their members for a six-year term. Political makeup of government: The South West Africa People?s Organization of Namibia (SWAPO) holds the presidency and retained its overall majority in the National Assembly in the 2009 elections. On his inauguration as president on 21 March 2010, Hifikepunye Pohamba appointed a restructured and reshuffled cabinet, led by Nahas Angula as prime minister, which included 18 members of the previous cabinet and 5 Deputy Ministers elevated to the rank of Ministers (Cabinet). Source: